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(Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP, Vista) 

Korg 03W Family of Synthesizers.

Version: 2.06

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03WEditPro On-Line Tutorial 

Download printable manual (doc format) : o3wepman.zip (700kb)

Main Window Program Edit Combination Screen
Effect Window VDF Envelopes Multi Edit

Some of 03W SoundEditor editing tools include:

korg 03r/w,   Total ON-Line/OFF-Line editing
http://www.soundtower.com/03w/03w_files/korg 03r/w,   Well Organized and simplified Editing Windows.
http://www.soundtower.com/03w/03w_files/korg 03r/w,   Drag and Drop 03w ALL and Bank files (directly from Windows Explorer).
http://www.soundtower.com/03w/03w_files/korg 03r/w,   Morph, Mix and random patch generation.
  Program, Combination and Effects Sound Librarians.
  Program, Combination and Effects Sound Librarians.
  Auditioning tools,.
  Dumping and loading automation...
  Copy directly from Library to banks.
  Program and Combination Librarian with quick update/save.
  Display Last Sysex Command Send (Registered Users only) feature - You can copy a sysex commands generated by editor into your favorite sequencer.
Program edit
korg 03r/w,   Program edit
  Multi edit
  Drum Kits edit
  Global Settings editing
  Saving and loading of all sysex 03W dumps and files
  Graphical tools to drag all 03W Envelopes with mouse
Calibrated Mouse-Joystick and C.C. programmable controls
  Two Midi-In Interfaces for advanced real-time sequencer recording
PC Joystick to use with C.C. programmable controls
  Pitch Bend and After Touch Controls
  On line Help and Tips and more...

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