PolyEvolver SoundEditor

 Dave Smith Instruments™: Evolver and PolyEvolver

Some MIDI interfaces may require additional connection setup. The OX Audio Midi setup can be also used to connect external keyboard controller to route and play notes on your evolver module.   

Step by step OX Midi Setup:

1. Quit the Editor. Open SYSTEM PREFERENCES and find "Audio MIDI Setup" or use Finder and search for "Audio Midi":

2. In the "Audio MIDI Setup" window click on "Add Device" button:

3. Connect your Midi Interface to which your Evolver/Poly is connected to a "new external device" by dragging in/out arrows:

4. Click on "Show Info" button if you like to rename a new external device:

5. Run the editor and open MIDI SETUP:

6. As you can notice the name of the Midi device appears in the MIDI SETUP. After selecting Midi In/Out, click on Poll Evolver button and Evolver/Poly software version is requested from the synth and displayed.

7. If the editor still shows "NO COMMUNICATION" - check your midi cables and cable connection. If you connecting Evolver you need to manually check and change receive/transmit settings. If you connecting PolyEvolver there is no receive/transmit setting - it is set automatically "ON".

Recommended Evolver Midi Settings:

MIDI Rec should be set to ALL

MIDI Xmit to ALL

MIDI Channel set to ALL or the desired channel number (must match editor, of course)

MIDI Clock should be set to Off (to use internal Evolver clock)

Things not directly related but that might cause problems:

Use Prgm Tempo set to On

Lock Seq set to Off

Poly Chain set to Off