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After placing the PlugSE in the Audio Plug-Ins Components folder run Audio Unit Rescan using Logic AU Manager.

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Voyager PlugSE™ Setup in Apple Logic

The PlugSE should be listed and enabled. If for some reason it is missing then check if you have placed the PlugSE component in a correct Audio Plug-Ins Components folder.  Depending on your system setup one of the two plug-ins folders could be used: One located in User libraries or one in System libraries.

Select one of the instrument tracks and click on the IO button and select the Voyager_PlugSE.

Double-click on the PlugSE and you should be presented with the registration dialog where you enter your registration info press on the Enter Code” button. If you would like to verify if the PlugSE was correctly registered. Close the PlugSE and run it again.

On start-up the Voyager PlugSE, the PlugSE will automatically search for the Voyager on all available ports. If everything is set up correctly, you should notice the “MOOG VOYAGER ON LINE” message. If not, a warning message will inform you about incorrect Voyager Global settings.

NOT CONNECTED message informs you that the PluSE could not find the Voyager on any ports or the Voyager has not responded.

In such case, check manually Voyager Master settings called “MIDI Input   ON”  and MIDI Output ON” just in case they were turned OFF. Please note, you may have to exit the MASTER mode for MIDI communication to work.

To verify the MIDI SETUP, click on the MIDI button:

Here you can manually set MIDI In and Out ports and configure other MIDI routings. The Scan button runs the same MIDI port scan as when the PlugSE was started.

Select instrument track and click on I/O button to display available plugin list.

Now you can test automation by manually turning Voyager knobs that are assigned to some parameters or use PlugSE knob controls. All movements will be drawn on the automation tracks.