PRO 2 SoundEditor is a fully-featured Editor and Sound Development tool created specifically for Dave Smith Instruments PRO 2 synthesizer. It is compatible only with the PRO 2 model.

PRO 2 Sound Editor provides the ultimate editing and sound development experience by displaying all PRO 2 Program parameters in a single intuitive graphical interface. The interface resembles the look and feel of the real synthesizer while streamlining your workflow and allowing you to view the complete details of any Program at a glance and to edit any parameter using your computer. It allows you to see how the factory Programs are put together or to freely experiment to see what you can create.

Please note! The PRO 2 Sound Editing software is not software instruments and it will produce no sounds unless connected with the DSI PRO 2 synthesizer.

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INTRODUCTION to Soundtower's Sound Editor for DSI PRO 2.

Faster, more complete and most intuitive experience of reaching inside this powerhouse to allow its fullest expression.

Forget about limits. Prepare yourself to be inspired and moved when you reach inside the DSI PRO 2.


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MIDI - Global Settings and MIDI communication

How to make the synth and Editor talk to each other.

Global Settings

MIDI setup for witherdirect USB connection or MIDI interface

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A quick guide to Menus of Soundtower's Sound Editor for DSI PRO 2.

- PRO 2

- File

- Edit


- Parameters

- Snap Shots

- Templates

- Sound Generators

- Option

- Help

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Overview of the Editor's User Interface. It's much easier that it seems to be.

- Program Banks

- Oscillators

- Voltage Controlled Amplifier

- Character controls

- Sliders and XY Pad (not found on PRO 2)

- Miscellaneous keyboard settings

- Basic Sequencer settings

- Arpeggiator controls

- Filter Routing controls

- Distortion controls

- Feedback controls

- External Input controls

- Low Pass Filter controls

- State Variable Filter controls

- Envelope 4 controls

- Delay controls

- Low Frequency Oscillators controls

- Modulation controls

- Basic Sequencer controls

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How to use Program Banks and Librarian in Soundtower's Sound Editor for DSI PRO 2.

- Save and Load Banks and Programs

- Audit Sounds in Banks

- Write, Save, Load Programs

- Copy and Paste

- Rename Programs

- Initialize Programs

- Assign a Category to a Program

- Search Programs by Category

- Add and remove Programs to Library

- Organize Programs

- Save, Import and Edit Library

- Phantom Program Banks

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Helpful guide to use and edit 32-step 8-track Sequencer in Soundtower's Sound Editor for DSI PRO 2.


- Sequencer Settings

- Note, Velocity, Slew, Tie

- Editing individual Sequencer tracks  in many different ways

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You can't find these options on the synth itself - only available in Soundtower's Sound Editor for DSI PRO 2.

- Program Genetics

- Morpher

- Patch Maker

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PRO 2 Tune by Rudi Golba