K O R G  T R I T O N   I N S T R U M E N T  S O F T W A R E

T R  - E D I T P R O  

Version 3.0.0 


For ALL KORG TR models


TR SOUND EDITOR  DEMO MODE - There is no time limit for TR-EditPro Demo. You can evaluate the TREditPro for as long as you like. The following features are fully enabled for your evaluation: 

Program Mode - Oscillator AmpEG ,Combi Mode -  Common & channel 1 editing, Insert FX 1 editing. Saving, writing and bulk sysex sending are also disabled in the DEMO mode. Sending buffers is restricted to 10 per session. 

If editing of certain Triton parameter is disabled the "DEMO" text will be displayed on TR-EditPro Status bar:

If the parameter change is send to Triton Status bar will show actual sysex command message sent:

Download TREditPro Full Setup: tr_editpro_setup.exe (~5440kb) 




TriEditPro editor help file download (17 Mb) . TriEditPro editor help file Installation instruction view.



If you have any questions and you need support when installing TR-EditPro please write to triton@soundtower.com. Support for our software is also offered via e-mail and by phone. If you wish to be contacted by phone please send us a message and we will call you at your convenience (USA and Canada customers only).  Thank You for Your interest in our software.

SoundTower Team



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