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Prophet 12 Sound Editor DOWNLOADS


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Prophet 12 Tune by Rudi Golba


Prophet 12 SoundEditor is a fully-featured Editor and Sound Development tool created specifically for Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 synthesizer. It is compatible only with the Prophet 12 Keyboard or Module models.

Prophet 12 Sound Editor provides the ultimate editing and sound development experience by displaying all Prophet 12 Program parameters in a single intuitive graphical interface. The interface resembles the look and feel of the real synthesizer while streamlining your workflow and allowing you to view the complete details of any Program at a glance and to edit any parameter using your computer. It allows you to see how the factory Programs are put together or to freely experiment to see what you can create.

Please note! The Prophet 12 Sound Editing software is not software instrument and it will produce no sounds unless connected with the DSI Prophet 12 synthesizer.


DSI Prophet 12 Global Settings and MIDI Setup for Soundtower Editor

How to make the synth and Editor talk to each other.

- Global Settings

- MIDI setup for with direct USB connection or MIDI interface.

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MENUS - Soundtower's Sound Editor for DSI Prophet 12

A quick guide to Menus of Soundtower’s Sound Editor for DSI Prophet 12.

- File

- Edit


- Parameters

- Snap Shots

- Sound Generators

- Options

- Help.

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EDITING PANELS - Soundtower's Sound Editor for DSI Prophet 12

Overview of the Editor's User Interface. It's much easier that it seems to be.

- Oscillators

- LF and HP Filters

- Feedback and Delay

- AUX Envelopes

- Low Frequency Oscillators

- Modulation Matrix

- Program Banks

- Playlists and Categories

- Program Genetics

- Program Morpher.

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LIBRARIAN - Soundtower's Sound Editor for DSI Prophet 12

A unique way of managing all your Programs, Banks and Libraries of Programs developed by Soundtower.

Learn quickly how the Librarian works and how greatly it can enhance your experience with Prophet 12.

Create your own Libraries of Sounds, transfer the Programs, Banks from and to the Prophet 12, save, load and rename them.

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ARPEGGIATOR - Soundtower's Sound Editor for DSI Prophet 12

You can have one Arpeggiator per Layer in Prophet 12 Sound Editor.

Learn all aspects of editing the Arpeggiator: Controls, Steps, Notes, Velocity, Chords, Notes Lock.

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SOUND GENERATORS - Soundtower's Sound Editor for DSI Prophet 12

You can't find these options on the synth itself - only available in Soundtower's Sound Editor for DSI Prophet 12.

- Program Genetics

- Morpher

- Patch Maker.

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