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Prophet ‘08 to REV2 Program Converter

The Prophet 08 to REV2 Program Converter utility is located under the File menu. This utility converts Prophet 08 programs to Prophet REV2 programs. Both original Prophet 08 Factory Preset banks  are preloaded for your convenience and if you do not have the Prophet 08 synthesizer you can now check how these programs sound like.

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                                 If “Send to Edit Buffer” option is enabled, when you select Prophet ’08 programs, they will be converted and automatically send to REV2 program edit buffers for audition so you can check how they sound without writing them to REV 2 banks.

You can load Prophet ’08 programs from the following file types:

- Single Prophet ’08 program saved in either the “Edit Buffer” or “From Bank” format: Raw SysEx *.syx

- Single Prophet ’08 program in the Prophet ‘08 Editor format: *.p_8.

- Prophet ’08 Program Bank: Raw SysEx *.syx.

- Prophet ’08 program Bank in the Prophet ’08 Editor format: *.p_b.



If you are converting Prophet ’08 into existing Prophet REV2 programs, you can set filters to preserve effect settings and Gated Sequencers on both Layers.

To transfer programs from the Prophet ‘08 bank over to REV 2 bank, select source programs in the Prophet ‘08 bank, then select a destination in the REV 2 bank and click on the arrow button. You can also use copy and paste.