I just bought your software from Chile, COngratulations, the RS9 editor is excellent! Saves my time! COngratulations too for the picture of your staff, looks like \"Perfect Storm\" Style..

i too have lost sleep since gettin QS Edit Pro.  One day a while back my Alesis QSR piano patches in all the banks went hairy scary with distortion and pinging high piched delays.  With the editor i was able to take a piano patch and tweak it until there was at least a descent piano patch to work with.  Thank you!

I picked up a mint N264 for a song. Actually a $75.00 repair bill the customer
didn't want to pay. So the board is now mine and the Nx64 Editor has allowed the
unit to become very flexible and very productive. The SoundTower software should be
required to be included in all new equipment.

I won't be without it.

Curtis W. Tooley
(aka IndiQa)

 Once I got over my inability to read and follow directions I found X5D-edit pro to
be just what I was looking for at a fair price, Keep up the gooood work. God bless

Triton rack editor. This is how synth editors should work. When Korg put more memory
and expansion slots into the Rack and took away the cool interface (touch
screen)they just made it harder to use a synth that was sold on it's ease of use!!!
They should have done a deal with Soundtower and Bundled this editor with the rack,
they would have sold more units.

 I own the Qlesis 8.1 and QSR and have tried several other editors as well as programing from the front panel. The QSEditPro is far and above the best GUI I've seen for this instrument and I highly recommend QSEdfitPro! Likewise, do not overlook the excellent and prompt customer support from SoundTower. Ken Coghill III, Manassas, VA

FW 01 Editor
Hi fokls its fun again to work with the good ols 01.
tks for your excellent job.
Rudy from Switzerland

beautiful software like swimming thru an unconscious minefield of sonic orgasms.

suggestion: please do an editor for the k2600 that would be incomparable!!!!!!


ps who is the guy in a headlock under yellowjackets arm?

N263/364 Software has brought my keyboard to life editing is an absolute joy now. I try not to buy software if I can help it but this one is a must.The few dollars it cost have saved me hours. If I ever get another board you do an editor for I will buy it no doubt about it



Thanks a lot for this new version ! The Patch Genetics is amazing !

Kind Regards,


I recommend you give XVEditPro a try, at least the demo version. It really is a marvelous program that puts all of the XV functionality at your fingerprints in a beautiful graphical interface. For setting up performances, it is particularly useful if you can't do it through an external sequencer. 

The only flaw with it (that apparently has been fixed) was that it couldn't "import" banks from SRX-02. It looks like this problem has now been solved (I have used it successfully with all the other SRX and SR/JV boards I have.)

Not only is the program superb, but technical support is awesome. Most questions or issues I've had are answered via email in way less than 24 hours. And you automatically receive upgrades via email when they're available.

Give it a try!

If anyone wants Michael to appear in a group Chat to discuss this product, let me know and I'll try to convince him. 

Jeff (note that I am not paid by Soundtower to endorse the product; just a contented user). 

Hey Peeps,

I purchased your edit program for my Korg X5 and it is truely great and easy to use software. Thanx a lot and keep up the good work. Maybe you can come up with a program for my T3. Later and ROCK ON !!!!!!! David B.

All problems with SRX-02 are gone. You really are professionals and you respect your clients. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stephan V

I have been used your program for a while and everything work great and easy to use in cubase vst/32 program. great job.


mWavedit is the Doozy. Great for tweakin\' the Waldorf on stage with a laptop, don\'t know if its what pulls the chicks, but it pulls the waldorf out of its rom sockets!

Cheers from Lux Voltaire

Hello there, Just thought I drop in and warn you that if I fall asleep at the wheel of my car or anything, I\'m blaming you lot.

What an excellent program!, Since I ordered it a week or so ago, I\'ve barely been able to tear myself away from it. My Triton LE\'s (first ever hardware synth BTW) menu access and all the messing about between screens etc kinda put me off exploring what its capabilities were properly. That all changed, however, when I stumbled across TriEditPro. Now I\'m loosing about 18 hours of sleep a week because your little prog started a cataclysmic chain reaction of creativity that will only stop when I\'ve explored every facet of the triton... Thanks.



PS, wipes the floor with sounddiver...

Hey always looking for things synth related... My band is a Synth only hardcore exstravaganza of sound!! Check it out at www.mp3.com/npo


Hey. This is a great program. This is Daron Covington of Owner Dconcepts Audio Recording. I use this program for my business. It sure has made my work enviroment tasks a lot easier. I no longer have to come up with patches and drum sounds, my clients can do this on their own. Allowing me more time to record. If you would like me to link you with my site just email Dcov@swbell.net http://members.tripod.com/d.cov/index.htm

Thanks for the great program. I've actually tried a couple of others
and really liked this one. Keep up the good work.

S. F. Gahanna, OH

i did connect my triton to your program ,and it looks very easy to change sounds.there are other programs on the net who are very difficult to understand.

greetings from d h - holland

Nice site. I am thinking about getting your alesis editor, since I own a QSR, a S4+, and a D4. I've got you bookmarked.

Michael Overacker StarGazer Productions www.overacker.com

Best of luck with SoundTower. Martin Selway

I found the owner of SoundTower to be an incredibly sexy guy. Emanuelle

Our Theatre organ club has a total of 10 QSRs. We use them to add digitally sampled sets of pipes to enlarge our club's organs. You can program the QSR through it's operators panel. The Panel will do the job but as in any manual operation, it is error prone because you can't see the complete picture.

QS SoundEditor/Pro has been my major tool for customizing the new wave samples to play with each of our organs. It provides an intuitive interface as well as a "Big Picture" of the QSR editing process. In addition, its many library, file and sysex features makes life a lot easier.

Thanks for a fine, trouble free Program.

Chet Rataski

Just Checking It Out!! M. Burnham From KY. r e c 1 0 1 @ m i  d w e s t . n e t


Hi, there - greetings from Bielefeld /germany. Had to pass very bad times - thatīs why you didnīt recieve any words from me; but I PASSED the time !! I had to download your QSR/MW2 editors again - I got a new HDD and my backup from streamer doesnīt work... Hopefully the editors work as well as before - went out of music nearly half a year. Iīm back in music with a XP-30 (with Vintage & Vocal card) and my new barbie- a VIRUS b - I heard the JP-8000, the Anx-1 and other virtual stuff, but this machine does it all in one... never heard a virtual synth living (!!) this way. Your website ?? As good as known - go on this way; per- haps sometimes new editors (for my MPX-100..??). greetings again achim

Hej, what the hell is this junk? its way too cheap!! get off the cherrywagon and start working! I want to see this site crammed with cheap new programs and stuff! heard the news, the Anglos are bombing us! Lets get underground! Stop looking at photo albums and start working. This ain't Monaco, boy ---and what happened to that black book with all ya poems in!!!!!

Pink Floyd

Like the synth.,this site is very professionally laid out and very helpful...thanks for the time and effort that went in to doing this...I want your editor for my XTK!!!!Thanks,Dread Scott

Wow!!!! Great Programs & Site!!!

Very nice editor and website, be very pleased to meet you !! Evert Jan email : e v e r t j a n . k e m a @ w a n a d o o . n l

Well OK, I'm going to give the QS8 editor a try. It can't be any worse than Unisyn !!!


I used to write Ed/Lib s/w for DOS, back in 1998-1991, for the CZ-1000 & Roland MP-32 etc.

From the screen shots you have done a beautiful job of the WS Editor!

John C. Forde, P.Eng. MuSoft Systems Peterborough, ON j c f o r d e @ p o b o x . c o m

Thank you so much for the unexpected personal support.

Now that I have the program flying I am even more blown away.

I LOVE THIS PROGRAM...... this is the best bang for the $35 bucks you could possibly spend to expand your Alesis QuadraSynth...... it will simply astonish you in how much power and control you gain....EASILY.

The Genetics mix and morphing section will allow you to create sounds you could never imagine..... and some you cannot possibly need but even these will generate ideas to stimulate more MUSIC.

The realtime sampling is excellent and makes sound creation a joy.

FX control is fantastic..... POWER:>)

Sound Tower gets 110% from this satisfied owner/user/musician.... Awesome!

Please feel free to quote me.

Bill Mason sonic slit www.mysticmerchant.com/sonicslit


Thank you very much for the latest version of the 01W sound editor
I'm a very happy registered user.
If you got the time how about one for the Trinity TR Rack.

A very satisfied customer.

Steve Loader
 l o t t y @ b t i n t r e n e t . c o m

awesome web page...I recommend this to anyone with these synths. Two thumbs up

I don't really understand anything on this site and I'm quite confused..............

Hi,my names Josh

I didn`t had enough time to look at the page yet, but I`m glad that people likie you support that kind of software:-) GreaT!!!°!!!!

H a r l e k i n @ s o u n d e x p r e s s i o n . d e

I like you all.

Dr. Popeye-X says "how-D" from Texas http://www.popeye-x.com/music/rack.htm

I really hate to say this to you but I think you have to know... Sorry. I can't believe that there are people out there that think they are of any use to others by stealing steal a fine product like yours. Because you made a piece of art for an machine that isn't even proper supported by 'Korg'

But I hope that the majority of the users are like me and register.


Damn, I say damn... You guys are the best. Finally owning a Microwave I with analogue filters. Great sound, but not the most user friendly synth. Good to know there are some people on the big globe creating good lookin' editors for it.

dopy from Holland greetz SoundTower.

Hello fellow Korg owners of the N series. You should download the demo version of the sound editor for this series, it's GREAT to use to edit your sounds and for building new ones. Please download it to see what I mean...Great Software Mark!!!..

See ya...Brian....j e n k i n s 4 0 0 @ a l t a v i s t a . c o m


It was good talking to you last week. I'm really looking forward to the new wavetable tools for the Microwave II editor. I'd like to get a full copy if possible as we discussed. I'll be glad to add a link to my upcomming website.


Rodney Gipson 1133 E. 83rd St. #192 Chicago, IL 60619

I'have just been downloading the update executable for my Wavestation editor 2.2 > 2.3. Many thanks for this free update! John Adriaens - The Netherlands

This is my first visit and it was a blast! Keep up the good work & I'll be back--K. Carrasco from Orange, CA. You can check out the latest recording from my band... Cannibal and the Headhunters "A New Beginning" on Pomagranate Records(an indie label) which features almost every keyboard part from an Alesis QS8. Check it out...You can contact me or get band info at my E-mail address:

k a r l c a r r @ p a c b e l l . n e t ....thanks!

Nice page. I like the Music but what is all this talk from inept teenagers? Who cares about their opinion anyway? Let them play their fantasy games and listen to their Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin and U2. Get real opinions from us smart adults and our Louis Armstrong.

From, Greg the Disgruntled Gnome

pink Floyd rules!

Like your site and your sense of humour.

Like your editors even better.


Absolutely beutiful product (Korg 05W). Just what I was looking for. Great for Cubase SX...

j o h a n @ o m  n i t . s e 


Hi!cool site. Keep goin.

Asif Iqbal pakistan

Merry X-Mas

Enjoyed your site. I am nu-be to some of this but, a musician for 30 years who still learns. I am working out some bugs with my home/live set-ups. The applications and priorities are so different.

Your site as with most I have seen has the right attitude when it comes to the open exchange of info.

Thanks for your work and dedication to music....


Nice Site....... Niezla stronka mowiac po Polsku. Pozdrawiam The Loader www.komputer.cuprum.pl

The korg 01w software is great!


kevin - Sulpher (UK industrial band) www.sulpher.co.uk

Hi! Thanks for the free Joystick Midi Controller. I really appreciate it! You freeware developers are heroes to the techists, and you are the best kinds of humanitarians.

when it's 8:00 in DC and you don't have a midi cable to controll fruityloops with, something like this saves your ass. So I say it again...THANKS!

-Joe Melberg (Black Mobius) http://www.mp3.com/blackmobius

I wanted you to know....I've had the Alesis QS8 for about 3 years now and I've been wrestling with it's ridiculous LCD screen ever since I purchased it. I purchased your Sound Editor program only a few days ago and I've gotten more work done in the passed three days than I have in the last 3 years. Your QS Sound Editor program makes working with the Alesis Quadrasynth a fun experience....well worth the Price of the Software. Everyone who owns an ALesis Quadrasynth needs to know about this great program.

Please feel free to use this email as a Reference.


John H.

I really appreciate your prompt response!

Many thanks

Stan Shaff

Specially given the clunky interface of the Alesis Q8 keyboard, QS SoundEditor Pro should be bought out by Alesis and included with all their keyboards. If you have an Alesis Quadrasynth, you just got to have this program.

Greg Kelway http://www.onthewatermusic.com

I tried the triton-editpro arp editing function. It\'s amazing ! I have created a drum arp and it\'s very easy with your program.

Do you think using this program to help create and edit patterns in sequencer mode ??? ( and not only arpegio patterns...) Because the pattern edition is not very easy with the triton. And the event edit mode too ( event edit in pattern section/sequencer mode ), this is very difficult to use with the triton screen.

Thank You.

b e n o i t - p i e r r e @ i n f o n i e . f r