Don Cull - vocal
Mariusz Barlog - electric and lead guitar
Phil Bova - bass guitar
Phil Bova Junior - drums
Jan Rothbert. - grand piano
Mark Lanoszka-   keyboards

Written and composed by Mark Lanoszka

As I run out money and  my studio time, this was the best I could do under those circumstances. Bringing the best out of musicians I gathered for this project was quite a unique experience. The performance by Jan Rothbert (Former professor of  Music Conservatory of Cracow and pianist of Vienna National Opera - for real!) . Wow, this guy can really play Chopin!.  This was his first rock song he got to play.

Copyright Soundtower Inc.  All songs presented here are property of Mark Lanos.

his words will sting
If my lips could dream...
my mouth would take you to the secret narrow streets.
on the steep cathedral steps
you broke your wings with too, too many words

you stumbled,
trying to give your  tongue a serious, deeper  sense
if we can only learn how to dance

and words can never say
how sharp would be the pain
If I would give you my hand
would you hear the laughter in your dreams

But night has come again
no laughter light my way
If I should fall down these stairs
will you help me mend my broken wings?