Performed by Mark Lanos: Vocal, Guitars, Synthesizers.

Recorded in Raven Street Studio

Credits (Raven Street Studio):

Don Cull - vocal
Mariusz Barlog - electric and lead guitar
Phil Bova - bass guitar
Phillip Bova Jr. - drums
Mark Lanos - acoustic guitar, keyboards

Written and composed by Mark Lanos

We had bad experiences with horses. One of us was three years old when kicked in the head by one horse. Ever since, he never been able to hold anything properly in his mouth. After he takes a drink, his mind starts to wander and whatever is in his mouth starts drooling down his chin on his favorite satin shirt. Whenever he hear this song, he begin crying because he knows that at the end the horses kill their riders...

Copyright Soundtower Inc.  All songs presented here are property of Mark Lanos.


When we found our horses
it was getting dark
...too late for a ride

Fear told us to stay inside
Reason whisper " it's a waste of time"
Our friends on a veranda yelled
..."you too old for this"

But the horses were hungry for a ride
...just like us

When we touch them and they begged for a run
..."Just like us".

The wind like an unseen witches' hands
bent  trees along the way
Tearing branches into pieces
and we screamed.

...Take us far away, feel our hearts.

...And a horses' eyes became so clear
They smiled and said:

Trust us, there is nothing to  fear!

Hold on to our strong necks
Feel our heart -that's your soul.
You don't want to go back.
You don't want to look back.

And we rode like spirits in the night
The wind caressed our souls

And when we'd run, we slowly became one.
Us and horses.