M E E T I N G   Y O U   B E H I N D   I C Y ,   C O L D   G A T E

Property of Mark Lanos, composed on shores of Nova Scotia.

For me, every song or composition has to tell a story.  Without this assumption, the art of making music would be very shallow or even pointless. "Meeting You Behind Icy Cold Gate" was a part of my first approach to the new wave music theme that combines a melody and sound to express my desire to trigger listener's imagination, to take someone into a different world for a brief moment, maybe even away from reality. Music could be like a drug.  If we let ourselves surrender to it, it can bring the best what's hidden deep inside us. Music is a drug without side effects. I pity those who take drugs to make music. It sort of kills the essence of the art.

Copyright Soundtower Inc.  All songs presented here are property of Mark Lanos.