... 2 U ...


Don Cull - vocal
Mariusz Barlog - electric and lead guitar
Phil Bova - fretless bass guitar
Phillip Bova Jr. - drums
Mark Lanoszka - acoustic guitar, keyboards

Written and composed by Mark Lanoszka

Lyrics - Anna & Mark Lanoszka

Thank you Bono for inspiration! This one was for you.

As you probably might have guessed, this song was inspired by U2 - as crazy as it may seem the lyrics are directed to Bono. Too bad he may not be able to come a cross this song but anyway he deserves it. U2 has changed my  life and my family and I am not ashamed to admit it. Without them I would never got back to music.

Copyright Soundtower Inc.  All songs presented here are property of Mark Lanos.


In your sweet valley of deceit
branches of anger will echo your cynical laugh
my jealous tears  do not have to beg you
for any  forgiveness, a kiss or song
shadows on the screen have their own life
but lost angels don't understand

now we have the golden touch,
but Midas couldn't bare the weight of the power
so he hoped that the spell would end if he cursed the price of gold!

my dear brother, my hero, my friend
what price would you put on a heart that you move
we will go through the canyon with you
 'cause you need us much more than we need you
beyond the edges of the noise I'll let you taste the fruit of your sweat
and love, and hatred, and hope
in the time of serenity, the fog covers the angry valley
you wanna play the doom for a bet
no one will make, no one will take
now let me touch your wounded thoughts and take you home
to the valley, where nothing ever hurts
it only heals our  love