0 1 w E d i t P r o   V e r s i on    H i s t o r y 


Version 2.5 changes: 

Version 2.2 changes: 

Added Combi + Programs Loader . Now you can save and load combination with all assigned programs

Version 2.07 changes: 

Added Program and Combination Bank (ROM and CARD A B C D) pulling. This function is located under Midi menu of the main window.

Added Sequencer support. Configure song's TRACKS: Assign programs, levels and panning. Shortcut to Sequencer setup window is located under "Options" menu.

Version 2.06 changes: 

Added 01W File List and Search utility for librarians. Now you can use your keyboard to set Combination Zones (Key and Velocity).

Version 2.0 changes: 

Rebuild Drum Kit editing, added List View and Drum Instrument Librarian. Re-built Program, Combination, Effect and Drum Instrument  librarians with drag and drop of items. Refined Program and Combination GENETICS. Few minor bug fixes from previous version.