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Synth GENETICS window in 01wEdPro lets you to generate, mix and mutate patches, creating random or intended 100's of 01W programs at a time. Also you will be able to select parameter filters that will help you to get the most desired sounding results. For example, one click of mouse will present you with a choice of hundred versions of pianos, strings pads and etc. bred from one patch. You can also automatically audit them all or quickly edit. You can apply fine tuned algorithms to get weird, hard to image sounds that you would never thought possible with 01W. The GENETICS feature alone makes 01wEdPro a treasure program to have. In addition there is FX Wiz function that applies randomly chosen effects from bank. On top of many benefits of GENETICS module it’s possible to use Genetics "Kids" manipulation to edit and change any program parameter in a whole bank. Combination GENETICS works in a similar way. By selecting corresponding filters you can change all channels and parameters and have results presented in the Kids List. 

1. To open the PROGRAM GENETICS window, select “Genetics” from the Options menu in the Program mode. 

2. Select Program Banks for Mommy and Daddy by clicking the right button of the mouse on Mommy and Daddy’s lists. The pop-menu will allow you to insert programs from available banks. 

3. Select one desired program in Mommy’s list and one in the Daddy’s list. Generation of Kids will be performed on variables of both selected programs. 

4. There are a few different ways of generating Kids from both parents. You can either morph from Mommy to Daddy meaning that Mommy’s Program parameters will shift slowly into Daddy’s. 
Mixing will produce Kids with randomly chosen parameters taken from both parents. Mutate yields Kids with randomly changed parameters of Mommy or Daddy. To select any of those options, click on corresponding buttons (MUTATE, MIX, MORPH). 
The FX Wiz function will create 100 copies of selected Mommy’s Program and apply effects taken from across Mommy’s Bank. 

The Generate function will produce completely random programs. This function may not be as useful as MUTATE, MIX or MORPH because the Kids created this way may not sound well. 

Note: some generated programs in GENETICS may not sound loud or be simply trash. This has to do mainly with some program parameters (such as the OSC level or VDA Envelopes) set randomly to some low value. You may also notice weird names appearing in the Kids’ litter - this is normal since program names are also affected by Generation.

5. “Gene“ selection such as “Dolly”, “Chaos Gene”, and etc. also have effect on generated programs. Some of the genes put emphasis on the Pitch EG Envelope and some others on Pitch MG or VDF/VDA slopes. 

5. You can audit or display selected Programs in Mommy, Daddy, Kids and Top Offspring lists by enabling “Auto Edit” and “
Auto Dump” check boxes. If the size of your computer screen allows and the “PROGRAM EDIT” window is open then parameters of Kids and etc. will be displayed. Displaying programs this way will help you see multisounds assigned and envelope graphics. Like anywhere in the program, you could use computer keys to play notes. 

6. After Kids are generated there are many other options to modify Kids litter. You can change any single parameter in every Kid by using the “Parameter Filter” and the “Value Slider”.

Here is an example:

Let’s say we want to change the second letter in the names of all Kids to the letter “e”. 
Click on “Exclude Parameters” list by selecting Program Name 1, move the slider to display the letter “e” and press the “Do” button.

As you will be able to see, all programs that appear in the Kids’ litter contain the letter “e” as a second character. In this way, you can change any parameter of the programs such as Multisound OSC levels (parameter No. 65 - VDA1 Oscillator Level) and etc.

There are limitless possibilities for use of this function. If you use the guitar to play the synthesizer you can adjust Pitch Bend across the whole bank without having to edit single programs one by one. If you want to change some parameters in the Program User Bank - use transfer function from the pop-up menu of Mommy’s list. After, simply use the “Transfer Kids To Bank A” function from the “Kids” pop-up menu. 

7. By clicking the right button on the mouse, the pop-menu will provide additional functions.

Changing the desired parameter in the whole User Bank can have interesting effects. For example, you might change OSC to one Multisound across the Bank creating 100 versions of piano, strings, etc. Increase the levels. Add little detune to the sounds. 

Choose :”Rename” from pop-up menu to rename the selected Kid Program. 
“Rename All “ will add a number to every Kid’s name. Type new name in the text-box and press ENTER.

If you aren’t satisfied with the results, select “Randomize Multisounds” from the pop-up menu to randomly change oscillators.

“Apply FX Wiz to Kids” will take Effect settings across the programs in Mommy’s Bank and it will apply them randomly to the Kids.

8. The good sounding Kids that you’d like to keep you can set aside to Top Offspring by dragging the selected Kid Program.

9. If you want to save your programs from “Top Offspring” list into the Program Library you can simply open the PROGRAM LIBRARY window and drag them over to the Program List in the Program Librarian. Click the right mouse button to have the pop-up menu of Top Offspring appear with other saving options. 

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