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Program Librarian’s function is to store, organize and quickly access and restore Programs stored on your disks. 01W Programs are stored in *.1pl library files. You can load/import 
different files that contain program data into librarian. 

1. From main editor screen you can access Program Librarian by clicking on the “Lib” button.

2. Clicking either A …G button will display contents of program banks. 

3. You may also import Programs from files.

4. In Program Librarian there are two program lists. 

5. Program List displays programs in library file. Program Bank lists the programs that you can copy/drag into Program List. You can drag all programs at once by dragging the “Program Bank” label. 

Or you can drag single Programs by dragging corresponding program numbers into Program List. 

6. As anywhere else in the editor you can use copy/paste function to paste programs into the librarian. 

7. Dragging numbers of programs in Program List will change position of programs in the library file. You can sort program list by selecting “Sort” from Edit menu. 

8. You can save/load your program list by using File menu. All files will be saved by default with extension *.1pl for easy recognition. If you like, you can also open Windows Explorer and drag and drop *.1pl files directly into the Program List. N23 files can be dragged and dropped to the Program Bank. 

9. Programs could be also dragged from GENETICS window (Resultant Kits or Top Offspring).

10. Auditioning of the Programs loaded in the librarian can be done automatically by clicking on “Send ” button located beside the corresponding program. Selected programs will be dumped into the synthesizer’s buffer and displayed in the editor. 
11. If you want to WRITE a particular program into the synthesizer click on the “Write” button beside it. 

12. To rename a Program description in Program List, double-click on the selected program and type the new description into the “Rename” text-box.


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