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You can play notes using your computer's keyboard. Up tp3-4 notes can be played at the same time.

Octave Shifting:         Letters Q W E R T Y U I O P select the octave (transpose computer keys)

Note Velocity:            - and + decrease and increase note velocity 

Key Notes:

                        X =C

                        D =C#

                        C =D

                        F =D#

                        V =E

                        B =F

                        H =F#

                        N =G

                        J  =G#

                        M =A

                        K = A#

                        , = B

                        . = C (one octave above "X" key)

                 All Notes Off  -Space Bar key 

                      + and - = change Note velocity +/- 5

                      * and / = change Play channel +/- 1 

Hint: You can “hang” a note by pressing down a “note” key and while it is depressed, press “octave” key. 

When computer keys are played value of note played is displayed together with channel and velocity on main window’s status bar.

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