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Important: In order for 03W to communicate with the computer Global setting EXCL has to be enabled.

1. Run 03wEdPro.exe.

2. From the Options menu select MIDI SETUP:

3.Select Midi IN and Midi OUT ports where "03W" connected to:

Press STOP and START. If midi communication between the editor and the synthesizer is OK then "03W" ROM Version will be displayed.

4. If you have another Midi port with Midi Controller Keyboard hooked to it, you can use it to audition sounds by selecting MIDI IN (External Controller) port and activating it. This feature will function properly only if there is separate port available on the system other than the port that synthesizer is connected to. MIDI In (External Keyboard) should not be set to the same Midi port as MIDI In (03W). If using the 03W Keyboard for playing notes, this port should not be activated. This port is intended only to control KorgŪ rack synth modules like 03W/R

5. Midi Channel Thru - If you use keyboard controller to play notes (other than 03W), the notes are played on a specific midi channel (1 - 16). If this option in unmarked, the editor will automatically reroute midi channel to global channel in Program Mode or selectable channel in combi mode. Midi Channel for playing and auditioning can be selected in V-Piano or by computer keys

7. If the midi communication is OK then exit MIDI SETUP window.

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