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1. Click on combination button. Combination mode screen will appear.

2. List on the bottom of the window shows all combinations in the bank. If you select one of the combinations from the list the editor will request selected combination data from the synthesizer and the data will be loaded into the editor. In the main screen, names of the combinationís assigned programs will be displayed. 

3. If the combination bank-data currently loaded into the editor is not the same as a synthesizerís you may use RECEIVE bank function. You can also display and send combination loaded into the editor by dragging the selected combination from the list to panels above.:

4. To display all combination parameters click on the edit button. 

5. Edit combination window displays ALL combination parameters. Use sliders to adjust volume panning, sends, transpose and detune. Red, purple, green and yellow buttons switch combination filters: program change enable, controller enable, dumper and aftertouch enable. 

6. Clicking on the program names will display the PROGRAM SELECT window. 
By selecting different programs from synthesizer banks in the PROGRAM SELECT window, you assign new programs to combination. The slider on the button of PROGRAM SELECT window will change volume level of selected channel.

7. To change from one channel to the other you can either click on different program in the COMBINATION EDIT window or use drop-down menu (ex. Chn 1 - A:15 SlowSunset). ON/OFF button will turn on/off programs assigned to channels. 

8. Adjusting the keyboard and velocity zones is done by dragging the mouse with pressed right and left button. With right button pressed TOP ZONES will change. The left button will change BOTTOM ZONES. If you click VALUE labels of top/bottom the value will automatically reset to 0 or 127. 

9. Clicking on channel values will increment channel number by one. 

10. There are additional functions available in the EDIT COMBINATION window that can be accessed by clicking the right button of the mouse anywhere on the screen.

11. To write changes into the synthesizers press WRITE button.

12. The WRITE COMBINATION dialog window displays the list of combinations in the bank. You can select new combination number as a destination for your changed performance. Use RENAME text-box to change combination name.

Click WRITE and your combination will be sent and written into the synthesizer and also the editorís data will be updated automatically.

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