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1. Besides a basic function of storing effect settings, the Effect Librarian can serve as a very flexible way to quickly copy effects from different sources to current program, combination or multies. This way you can browse through all effects stored with programs or combinations in all banks or files. With one simple mouse click or arrow key they can be applied and audited in the synthesizer's buffer.

2. To open the Effect Librarian window pull down the File menu of the main editor window or if you opened the Effect Editor then click on "Effect Librarian ".

3. Ai2 Effect Librarian can interchange 05w effects with programs and combinations of the other Korg® Ai2 synthesizers like X series or N264/N364 and etc. 

4. Like in the Program and Combination Librarians there are two lists. One on the left is the list for Effect Library files (files with extensions *. kfx) and the other on the right is the list for Effects available in the banks loaded into the editor. 

5. To start click on any banks:

Top [A] and [G] are your program banks. Lower [A] is a combination bank. You can also import any banks from files.
List of programs is displayed. Click on a list and brief information about routing and effects used is displayed on the right.

6. Whenever you select an effect from any list the brief information about the effect‘s routing and assignment is displayed. 

7. As mentioned above the list on the right represents the actual Effect Library. Effects can be dragged/copied from “Effects Bank” by dragging single effects from Ai2 Effect Bank to the Effect List. 

If you want to move whole Ai2 Effect Bank into Effect List then drag the “Ai2 Effect Bank” label into the Effect List. 

8. To exchange position of effects in the Effect List, drag corresponding Effect numbers. 

9. The most powerful function of the Effect Librarian is to apply a selected effect to current Program, Combination or Multi with a click of the mouse. By clicking the “Send” button, the corresponding effect will be applied to current Program, Combination or Multi depending on which mode the editor/synth is in.

10. You can rename effects in effect list by double-clicking selected effect and typing a new description of your choice in the “
Rename” text-box.

11. If you used the "Copy" function of Effect Editor you can paste that effect to this list as well.

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