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1. To open the Drum Instrument Librarian click on the Librarian menu. 

2. If the Drum Edit window is in the List view, you can drag single drum instruments directly to the librarian. 

3. You can also use copy and paste commands to place drum instruments to the Librarian. 

4. To move the drum instruments around in the Librarian drag the index numbers. 

5. In order to transfer a selected drum instrument from the Librarian into your drum kit select the destination using “Current Location” fold down list.

When you click the “Dump” button, the editor will apply selected drum instruments into the kit and it will send commands to the synth to reflect changes made to instrument. Note Number Parameter (C-1, …G8) are omitted. 

6. Clicking on the “Speaker” icon will play the note of the “Current Sound”. In order to hear the selected drum instrument, instrument parameters have to be dumped first using the “Dump” button. If you enable the “Auto Dump” check box, the instrument’s parameters will be sent automatically followed by the note. 

Page 11