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1. Click on RECEIVE window menu:

2. With "All Global, Drum, Combi, Programs" selected, click the START button.

Now you should see the progress bar indicator moving and after about 30 sec. the total of received bytes will be displayed. The editor will request and receive separately: 

·        RAM Program banks A + B, 

·        Ram Combination banks A + B 

·        Drum data  A + B 

·        Your current Global Settings. 

4. Editing the N264/364 Sequencer data is not currently supported (and I am not sure if it ever will be) mainly because there is no sysex commands for “Sequencer” mode implemented for N264/N364. This is why it is not possible to change the Sequencer Data in real time using system exclusive messages. Sending large Sysex dumps in order to update N Sequencer with changes does not really make sense to me. Am I wrong?

 5. You can back up your whole N by selecting "All Data with Sequencer and Patterns"  when all data comes through Midi IN File Dialog appears letting you save all data as sysex file (*.syx).

 6. The same way you can back up only Sequencer data.

7. If you done receiving, click EXIT from RECEIVE DATA window. 

8. Your whole N memory contents (except Sequencer Data) is now loaded to editor - you can save it to disk drive by selecting "Save N All Data File". It is always a good idea to back up all your precious sounds!

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