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Combination Genetics is an intelligent way to change and create Combinations. The concept used is different than Program Genetics. It simply involves setting “Filters” that create new combinations from a source combination. In other words, it is creating combinations of the combination. I guess I’ll be saying this word a lot so brace yourselves…I know I did…I added this word to the clipboard. 

1. To open the Combination Genetics screen, select GENETICS from the Option menu in the Combination Mode of the editor. 

2. Place Combination Bank into Mommy’s list by clicking “Bank” button or using the right button of the mouse to retrieve the pop-up menu. 

3. Select the combination you want to work with from Mommy’s list. 

4. Now, we will set some filters as an example.
Mark Channel 1 and Channel 3. Mark “Programs” and “Transpose”.

5. Click the “Generate” button. 

GENETICS has just created 100 new combinations. All of them with different program assigned on Channel 1 and 3. Also, levels on channel 1 and 3 are randomized. “Transpose” on Channel 1 and 3 now varies in octaves (it wouldn’t make sense to randomize “Transpose” in semitones). Unmarked channels remained unchanged in any way. 

Note: If you select a channel that is set to OFF the channel will automatically turn ON. 
If you click “Generate” with no channels checked , the combinations produced will be exact copies of the source combination (Mommy’s). 

6. You can set “bottom” and ”top” limits restricting the range of randomization by clicking on parameter labels:

7. FX Wiz produces combinations with randomly applied effect system settings taken from Mommy’s Bank. 

8. Use “Regenerate” and “Kid FX Wiz” to reapply filters or effects to Kids’ Bank. 

9. Click the right button on the mouse to display pop-up menu with additional functions. 

Select “Rename” from the pop-up menu to rename a single Kid. “Rename All” will rename all Kids and add a number to the end of the combination name. 

10. Like in the Program Librarian, you could drag Kids you’d like to keep into Top Offspring list. 

11. With the Combination Librarian open, you can drag the Top Offspring into “Combination List of Librarian”.

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