There are many options to receive data from Karma. "Receive All Data" will pull all Karma Internal Banks. Depending on a mode: Program, Combi, Pattern Edit or Drum Kit Edit, you can also request data from specific banks. "Receive" and "Transmit" functions are located under Midi window menu.

Program or Combination Mode:

Drum Kit Edit:

There is an option to receive single Program, Combi and Drum Kit dumps or to request and receive whole banks at once. It is recommended to use Small-Single dumps to make sure that the data is transferred correctly. Karma's bank are very large in size and receiving big data can cause problems like byte loss making an incoming data corrupted and incomplete. Also some midi interfaces have drivers that may not handle large dumps well (MOTU).  


The bank data Transmission  to Karma has to be slowed down for Karma to process the incoming  data. In Karma-EditPro long transmission time can be optimized by setting time intervals between dumps. Default values  were tested and should work correctly. In case, when at the end of the transmission you see "Midi Receive Error" displayed on Karma's LCD, interval time should be increased.

Sync to Karma option ensures correct transmission but is much slower since Karma-EditPro has to wait for "received complete" signal from Karma before sending another data dump.