Program Property window displays the basic information about the current PROGRAM for a quick reference. Program Property is available in PROGRAM BANKS (PLAY) and PROGRAM EDIT modes and Triton File Manager window by selecting "Program Property" from either Right-button-mouse pop-up menu or Edit menu (left click on program to select it first):


Program Property shows

"USED IN COMBINATION" feature displays the number and all combination locations where this program is assigned.

Note 1: that this information is generated by scanning Combination Banks that are loaded to the Karma-EditPro editor if you select Program Property from editor's banks. For "USED IN COMBINATION" feature to be accurate use "Receive Banks"  if you made changes in Karma without Karma-EditPro

Note 2:  "USED IN COMBINATION" in Program Property feature when displays programs from Karma File Manager scans for usage in Combination Banks loaded into Karma File Manager.