You can create Cubase Drum Map with names of Karma drum sounds keys assigned to notes using  Karma-EditPro's built-in Cubase Drum Map editor.  Cubase Drum Map editor can be Drum Kit Edit Mode.

To create map select program that uses Drum Kit.

Click on button.

In Program Edit Window click on "Edit" Drum kit button.

Using File Menu select "Cubase Drum Map Editor" 

Karma_EditPro's built-in Cubase Drum Map editor can create drum maps in 3 different formats:

Karma Drum Kit contains 128 keys so you can use whatever format is convenient for you. As you may notice In/Out Notes in the map are off by one octave. For example: note C-1 in Roland XV  is equal to C-2 on Cubase. This is not a mistake. Korg and Cubase just named them in different ways.

You can edit drum sound names, midi channel, output and velocity levels. 

There is an option to change multiple note Midi Channel or output at once:


Since Cubase midi setup (Setup MME) introduces map to midi interfaces, selecting output in  Karma-EditPro's built-in Cubase Drum Map editor is done by selecting number 0 to 12 where output "0" corresponds to a first/ most top interface in Cubase.


You can audition/play key notes by clicking on fields shown above.