Combination Edit Mode

Use Mode button to switch to COMBI MODE. Use to move into Combination Edit Mode.

The Combination Edit window is similar to the Sequencer Edit window. Functionality is also the same. Here, you can edit all Combi settings:

Thanks to the latest Karma Operating System update now you can use KarmaEditPro to control Combi parameters in real time.


If you like to save Combination settings on your computer to recall it later use "Save Combination Bank " or "Save Single Combination" from File menu option depending on your project.

The file you save this way (with file extension *.k_c)  will contain only Combination parameter setup data.


Use File menu to load setting you previously had saved.

The loaded file will be displayed on Editor's panels. The Editor provides a flexible way to send saved setting to update Combination. You can send all parameters by using windows Midi/Transfer menu.

*) The next Karma update should include copy/paste of parameter groups from/to Combinations and Programs.


Under "Edit" menu you can find "Combination Property" (Ctrl-P) option. We were using this control window for our debugging purpose. We decided to leave it and let users access it. It not only lists all setup parameters for viewing but it can also be used for a rough way of changing parameters by clicking on parameter in "Setting" column. Clicking the last column results in sending the current parameter setting as displayed without any change. The Combination Property window is not available in SEQUENCER Mode but is present in the Program mode. Depending on users feedback we may decide if we should add more functions there like print/copy/paste and etc.

*) The future planned use of this window is also intended to provide access for reading and editing by blind musicians.