To change Joystick/Continuous Controller settings in any of Program, Combi or Sequencer modes there are two options:

1) Click the button found on the top tool bar or

2) Go to Tools in menu and select CC Joystick

From the resulting window all Joystick, or Mouse functioning as Continuous Controllers, values can be set.

Left and Right Mouse button assignment are chosen through LM and RM drop down menus .

Joystick/mouse can be toggled on or off

Midi channel is easily selected from drop down menu

Joystick reset ON/OFF is chosen by clicking JS Auto Reset . The Joystick/mouse control values can be set by mousing over to grid to left and clicking and dragging on the screen; left mouse button is in red and right is in blue . Sliders accomplish the same effect. This example was with Auto Reset OFF.

The two rightmost sliders are used for Pitch Blend  and After Touch control