MFX and Insert FX

After right clicking on one of the MFX panel, when in Program Play Edit or Combi Play Edit Modes the full Effect panel is displayed with full effect settings (image below).

After selecting effect from scroll box the name should appear in name bar.

Parameters of the effect will be displayed with values associated with them to the right.

All can be adjusted with the corresponding sliders by mouse or left clicking and then using mouse wheel.

MFX Chain signal direction can be changed by right clicking on MFX Chain control and selecting direction by mousing over and left clicking . Corresponding MFX Chain Signal Level and Output are changed using the associated sliders. The level of effect is controlled by Level slider by varying the ratio of effect from Dry (0:100 ratio => first effect to second) to Wet (100:0 ratio.) The Control Source  is selected when name bar is left clicked and Source moused over. Level is determined with corresponding slider. Note that the channel can be changed by mousing over clicking and then select channel number.

To Load and Save MFX files simply use File in menu and select "Load MFX" or "Save Current MFX As" . MFX files are saved as with .mfx extensions.


To access MFX Effect System Library click on button to open Library control panel. See Tutorial on MFX Effects System Library for full description.