The Librarian is a powerful program editing and organizational tool of Triton Sound Editor.

Use Mode button to switch to PROGRAM BANK MODE or COMBINATION MODE. Click  to open Triton Program Library (LIB) window.

The Librarian is organized in two panels: left is a list of Program Categories , right is Triton Programs list .

Imported Bank programs or a library is loaded by use of in Menu. Note that programs can be loaded from a library you have created (Ctrl+O) or from one of the pre-loaded Ram Program Banks A - E, F - MOSS or from GM.



After loading a program bank, in this example Bank B , you will see all programs sorted by Program Category in the left panel. Any selected program category, here it is the Keyboard category , has it's corresponding family of programs listed in the right panel . In our example there are 10 programs listed under the Keyboard Category.

You can add programs individually from the Program (Play) mode by first selecting the program by clicking desired Bank and then using button or by dragging and dropping directly from the Program (Play) mode Bank list.

Continuing with this example, it is a simple matter to edit a selected program from within Librarian. Click to enter edit mode. To edit "Acoustic Piano AT" from the Keyboard category , the program is first sent to the active buffer by clicking . It now resides in RAM.

"Acoustic Piano AT" should be in the program Name box .

After editing the program to your satisfaction click button to add it to the Triton Programs list in right panel. It will be added at the bottom of the list with the same name as the original program .

It is a simple matter to rename the file by double clicking on this entry and typing new name.

To save the new program use "Save" or "Save Library As..." under in Menu. The Librarian files are saved the with .klp extension. Note that Program Bank extension .kpb can be used when saving to Bank. When loading library programs note that Sysex data (.sys) is accepted as well.