You can play notes using your computer's keyboard. Up to 3-4 notes can be played at the same time.

Octave Shifting        Letters Q W E R T Y U I O P select the octave (transpose computer keys)

Note Velocity:             - and + decrease and increase note velocity 

Arp ON/OFF                 ~

Key/Piano Mode       numeric pad: 0=key 1=Major 2=Major(2) 3=Major7 .del=Major7(2)

   4=Minor 5=Minor(2) 6=Minor7 9=Minor7(2)

Key Notes:

                        X =C

    D =C#

                        C =D

                        F =D#

                        V =E

                        B =F

                        H =F#

                        N =G

                        J  =G#

                        M =A

                        K = A#

                        , = B

                        . = C (one octave above "X" key)

                 All Notes Off  -Space Bar key 

                      + and - = change Note velocity +/- 5

                      * and / = change Play channel +/- 1 

Hint: You can “hang” a note by pressing down a “note” key and while it is depressed, press “octave” key. 

When computer keys are played value of note played is displayed together with channel and velocity on main window’s status bar.


Mouse piano can be display or hidden using "V-Piano F3" from option menu.

1 - Velocity slider adjusts velocity of notes being played.

2 - Midi channel Slider - in Program mode Midi channel should be the same as Triton's Global channel.

3 - Click right button of the mouse to show "Piano Mode" pop-up menu. You can play keys or select preset chords.

4 - You can "hang" notes by dragging keys up.