T r i E d i t P r o   o n - l i n e   H e l p / T u t o r i a l Updated on 05/12/09

Editor's Setup

Midi Setup
Receiving and Transferring Triton Data


Program Bank (Play) Mode

Program Banks
Program Genetics
Program Phantom Banks
Program Librarian
Snap Shots

Program Edit Mode

Program Edit Mode
Editing Program Parameters
Program Property Window

Combination  Bank (Play) Mode

Combination Banks
Combination Librarian

Combination Phantom Banks

Combination Edit Mode

Combination Edit Mode
Editing Combination Parameters
Combination Signal Flow Window
Combination Property Window

Drum Kit Editing

Editing Drum Kits
Drum Instrument Library 

Effects Editing

Effects System
Effect Librarian

Patterns and Arpeggio Editing

Arpeggio Editing
Pattern Editing
Pattern Librarian

Global Setting Editing

Global Settings
User Scale Octave
User Scale All
Audio Inputs

Banks Management

Triton Banks Manager
PCG Banks Manager

Sound Auditioning  

Computer Key Assignment and V-Piano
Joystick Controls

Sequencer/Multi Mode

Sequencer Mode

Cubase and Cakewalk support

Cubase Patch Script Generator
Cubase Drum Map Editor
Cakewalk Instrument Def. Generation