In Program, Combi or Sequencer Modes to display Arp settings click on the Arp panel (found in Edit mode for Program and Combi modes.).

Use Arpeggiator window to change Arp settings.

Select arpeggio pattern with left mouse click on leftmost list panel and edit parameters with sliders and switches in rightmost panel . These settings modify overall playing characteristics of the underlying pattern of the selected arpeggio only. 

If you would like to edit any of the USER patterns, select a USER pattern (000-XXX) and click EDIT button . When you select Edit the Pattern window will appear behind the Arp editing window with Pattern of selected Arpeggio loaded. Here you can edit each step of the pattern individually by track. 

See Pattern Editing module in tutorial for more information on editing underlying patterns.

 Note: ROM patterns P00 to P04 are not editable.