Use Mode button to switch to PROGRAM (PLAY) MODE. Use to move into Program Edit Mode. From here select (at this point you can choose a drum kit to edit from name box) and then select to enter Drum Kit editing mode. Here select

In the pop-up window one, or a selection of, drum kit(s) can be added, sorted,  auditioned and then renamed prior to saving as a stand alone library for future use.

To populate the library, first select a drum kit to be edited from the bank with a left click , copy selection with Edit in main window menu (you will be given the copy option with the name of the selection noted), select Paste Add from Edit in library pop-up window .

The program in library can be edited by drum editor functions. The edited drum kit can be added to the library list by clicking Add Current Drum Sound button. The edited drum kit sound can be renamed for saving by double clicking on the name and typing new name . Selecting send for any of the loaded sounds sends the parameters to the editing board for further work and auditioning.