To access MFX Effect System Library click on button to open Library control panel.

You can choose to load a pre-existing library of effects through File option or create one from Program Banks A through GM or Combi Banks A, B or C .

Send Destination is set by clicking on button to the right of Send Destination and mousing to desired MFX send/receive combination.

If effect is to be applied to a current program from one of the Program Bank presets select this program by left clicking in list and then clicking the send icon  .

To create a library from a selected Program Bank, the selected effect from the Program Bank in Effect list must be selected with a left click and then either right click to copy or use Menu to select copy. Left click on main screen and either right click and select Paste Add or use Menu . Repeat for each effect file desired.

Selected files can be sorted alphabetically through Menu . The selected files can be renamed by double clicking on the file name in main screen and typing in new file name . Effects are sent from the library using the button.  

Save the generated Effect files through Menu "Save File As." MFX Library files are saved with .lfx extension.