Program Edit Mode

Use Mode button to switch to PROGRAM (PLAY) MODE. Use to move into Program Edit Mode.

The Program Edit window is similar to the Sequencer and Combi Edit window but is much more involved. Functionality is the same.

 In addition to the Sequencer and Combi Edit mode parameters of:

the Program Play Mode adds:

to the list.

Note: There is only one channel for Program play mode as it uses the global channel of the keyboard.

Except for the Drum settings these are accessed by either scrolling down to the active part of the window or by use of the buttons on the task bar.

Drum settings are accessed through the drum button found a the top of the window beside the oscillator selection buttons.

Thanks to the latest Triton Operating System update now you can use Tri-EditPro to control Combi parameters in real time.


If you like to save Program settings on your computer to recall for later use "Save Program Bank " or "Save Single Program" depending on your project.

The file you save this way (with file extension *.t_p)  will contain only Program parameter setup data.


Use File menu to load setting you previously had saved.

 The loaded file will be displayed on editor's panels. The editor provides a flexible way to send saved setting to update Program . You can either send all parameters or single banks of parameters by using windows Midi/Transfer menu.

Data can be transmitted at default intervals or changed in Transmit window as need after Transmit selection has been made.

*) The next Triton update should include copy/paste of parameter groups from/to Sequence, Combinations and Programs.