Use Mode button to switch to PROGRAM BANK MODE or COMBINATION MODE. Click   to open Program Phantom Banks (PhB) window.

In PhB window you can create you own bank of programs saved to your hard drive. These can be sorted blah blah

In the PhB window select program bank desired by left clicking .

To add PROGRAMs to selected Phantom Bank from Bank's A through GM first left click to select destination in panel to right.

There are three different ways to copy and paste programs that give great amount of flexibility.

1) By using Edit menu. From Edit menu a copied PROGRAM is copied from program "buffer" that is displayed in Program Name Box . The same with pasting, a pasted program is pasted to a "buffer" that gets displayed in the name box. 

2) By using right mouse button pop-up menu. PROGRAM is copied from program location. If pasted using pop-up menu, a pasted program is actually being written to selected location.


 3) By dragging and dropping the PROGRAM from the source bank to the Phantom Bank list panel.

From Bank Data can be loaded or saved with file extension .tpb, and Programs can be loaded from or copied to Program Banks A through D. Additionally, Phantom Banks can be populated from Genetics Top Offspring.

The list can be sorted alphabetically, categorically, by Ram/Rom characteristics or by Pattern No. from Menu using functions found under .


To clear program list for a selected Phantom Program Bank, right click on list and select "Clear Bank."

When finished building Phantom Program Bank list use to write/send to disk.

Add Current Program writes to selected destination the program in name box pre-selected in PROGRAM (PLAY) mode window.