What is OFF-LINE/ON LINE editing?

How do I use the Drag and Drop file feature?

Can I open editor by clicking on 05w file?

What is "Genetics" feature?

Is there a help file or manual for X3-WEdPro?

What is the Computer Keyboard Layout to play notes?

I have only one Midi IN  Interface  on my computer, can I somehow connect both X3 and other Controller-Midi Keyboard to X3-EdPro?

What is OFF-LINE/ON LINE editing?

You can use the editor to organize and edit X3 data without the X3 connected - to enable this option select "OFF-LINE" from the main editor window menu. In this mode, data will not be requested from X3, instead it will be loaded from hard drive files. The "Write" program or the combi function will save to the disk instead of X3.

How do I use the Drag and Drop file feature?

You can simply open the editor and Windows File Explorer and drag X3 files form Windows Explorer into the editor. Dragged files will be automatically loaded and their contents displayed. Supported Files:

X3 All data files can be dropped into the main editors window and the "black list of patches"

Program Bank files can be dropped to "black list of patches" in Program Mode. The data will be loaded into RAM bank A. If you drop it into the GM bank the data will automatically moved into bank A.  Single programs and Combinations can be dropped into the main window or Program Edit and Combi edit window depending on a mode.

X3-EdPro's Library Files (*.3pl or *.3lc) can be dropped in Program or Combi Librarians . You can also drop multi-selected files. X3-EdPro will filter all of them out. Files already loaded will be omitted.

Can I open the editor by clicking on X3  file?

Yes, you can make X3EdPro the default editor for those files. You can double click on X3   file in Explorer/File manager and file contents will be automatically loaded and displayed. But before you can do that you have to assign X3 or 05r  files to X-3EdPro by associating it with the editor. X3EditPro does not write to the Windows registry so you have to associate X3 file manually by double clicking it and selecting "Open with...X3EditPro.exe" or use View/Folder_Option in explorer menu to change file associations.

What is "Genetics" feature?

Synth GENETICS window in X3-EdPro lets you to generate, mix and mutate patches, creating random or intended 100's of X3 programs at a time. Also you'll be able to select parameter filters that will help you to get the most desired sounding results. For example, one click of mouse will present you with a choice of hundred versions of pianos, strings pads and etc. bred from one patch. You can also automatically audit them all or quickly edit. You can apply fine tuned algorithms to get weird, hard to image sounds that you would never thought possible with X3. The GENETICS feature alone makes X3-EdPro a treasure program to have. In addition there is FX Wiz function that applies randomly chosen effects from bank. On top of many benefits of GENETICS module it's possible to use Genetics "Kids" manipulation to edit and change any program parameter in a  whole bank.  Combination GENETICS works in a similar way. By selecting corresponding filters you can change all channels and parameters and have results presented in the Kids List. 

Is there a help file or manual for X3-EdPro?

Yes, you can download manual here. Help file is included with setup program. There is an on-line tutorial maybe some of your questions can be answered here: X3EditPro Program Quick Tutorial!

Meantime, if you have any questions regarding the program please email editors@soundtower.com

 What is the Computer Keyboard Layout to play notes?

You can play notes using your computer's keyboard.
3-4 notes can be played at the same time.
Octave Shifting: Letters Q W E R T Y U I O P select the octave (transpose computer keys)
Note Velocity: - and + decrease and increase note velocity 
Key Notes:
X =C
D =C#
C =D
F =D#
V =E 
B =F
H =F#
N =G
J =G#
M =A

K = A#
, = B
. = C (one octave above "X" key)

All Notes Off -Space Bar key
Additional functions:
+ and - = change Note velocity +/- 5 
* and / = change Play channel +/- 1

When computer keys are played the value of note played is displayed together with channel and velocity on main window’s status bar.
Note: If you use keyboard other than QWERTY select keyboard from Option menu.

I have only one Midi IN  Interface  on my computer, can I somehow connect both X3 and Controller-Midi Keyboard to X3-Edit Pro?

No. If you select in X3-EdPro Midi Setup both "Midi Sysex IN" and Midi External Controller" and assign them to the same Midi port. - X3EdPro will not receive data from X3 correctly.