R S - E D I T  O N L I N E  T U T O R I A L

This tutorial is still under "construction".

Midi Setup

Receiving Data From RS

Transmitting Data To RS

Editing System Parameters

Performance Mode

Selecting Performance For Editing

Editing Parts

Using Parts Mixer

Editing Arpeggio

Tone Mode

Selecting Tone For Editing

Drum Kits Editing

Selecting Drum Kits

Copy And Paste Features In RSEDIT

Multi-Effect Editing

Writing-Saving RS Buffer Data to RS-5/9

RSEDIT'S File Management

Performance and Tones Librarian Features

Computer Keyboard Keys Assignment

Patch Names Viewing and Printing

Generating RS Sysex commands for use with sequencer programs.

Creating Cubase Patch Script File

Creating Cakewalk Instrument Definition Files

Cubase Drum Map Editor


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