Before we start editing and making changes to the RS, it is a good idea to load the RS User Data into the editor in order to save it and to match the RS keyboard and RSEDIT User Data.

1. In the main editor's window, click the 'Performance' button.

2. From the window menu, click 'Midi'.

3.  Select 'Get User Performance Bank' and the RECEIVE DATA dialogue will be displayed. Click the START button.

4. After 'Performance User Bank' is received, select the 'Tone User Bank' and 'User Drum Kits' options to receive all RS data.

The 'RECEIVE DATA' dialogue allows you also request RS Buffer memory contents.

Note: It is possible to manually send data from RS to the editor using "UTILITY", however is better to allow the RSEDIT to handle data transfer to assure that all data is received correctly by your computer