To display the RS system settings, click on the 'System' button and your current keyboard settings will be displayed.

The 'System' dialogue displays all of your keyboard's global settings (except LOCAL ON/OFF). Here you can also select 'Favorite Performances' that would be assigned to the keyboard's favorite Performance buttons.

1. To change the 'Favorite Performance' assignments, click on any of the eight Performance names to display performance banks.

2. Select Performance from either USER or PRESET bank that you want to apply to the button.

3. You can save your system settings into the computer disk using 'Save' and 'Load' commands located under the 'File' menu.

The RS System files are saved with extension *.r_s.

4. The "Midi" menu allows you to request and receive your most current system settings in case you changed them manually on the keyboard.

5. From the 'GM System' menu, you can select the keyboard's GENERAL MIDI mode.