The 'Performance' is made of global performance settings like 'Keyboard', 'Chorus', 'Reverb', 'Arpeggio', 'Multi-Effects' and 16 Parts (For detailed performance description, please refer to the Owner's Manual). 

From this screen, you can change/edit all performance parameters using sliders or pop-up menus. To change parameters, simply click on parameter value labels to display sliders or control menus. 

Some of the performance parameter groups may be displayed in their own separate windows: 'Arpeggio' and 'Multi-Effects'.

Performance's Parts assignment is shown on the left side of the screen. Parts are identified by their bank location (e.g. P:140 - Preset Bank, U:015 - User Bank) and the name of the Tone assigned. By clicking on Part Name Labels you can change editor's midi transmitting channel.

To change "Parts" setting, click on the "EDIT" button to display a separate Part Edit Window:

You can rename Performance by double clicking on the name panel.