To view all Performance Parts setting click on "EDIT’ button in Performance window.

All 16 Parts are presented on the Parts grid.

Changing Part’s parameters is done by clicking on parameter value and changing it using slider that pops up beside it. On top of the grid a full description of selected parameter is displayed. If you changing ‘Voice Reserve" of a part, the readout will show how many voices are left in the performance.

Most of the Performance Parts parameters can be changed using MIXER controls - check Using Part Mixer.

There are also ON/OFF LED button switches like ‘MFX Channel" switch, ‘Tone Change Receive’ switch ‘Portamento’ and ‘Sustain’. If the LED is bright it indicates that the parameter is ON. To change it simply click on the LED.

To change Tone Sample assigned to the Part click on "Tone".

Changing Tone Sample for Part in RS is the same like changing  Sample for Tone. For a convenience you assign samples using Part Edit window by clicking on Tone Names on the parts grid.

Here you can select Tones/ voice samples from a Bank list (USER, PRESET1…4) or by category list or change the Tone part into a Drum Part.

If you change Part to a Drum Part you will notice that Sample Select window is blank. You will not be able to select Drum Kit from here. You can select Drum Kits from Drum Kit Edit Window instead. (see: Selecting Drum Kits). Here you can assign only DRUM KIT 1 or DRUM KIT 2 to the Part.

Note: In RS-5/9 you can assign Drum Kit 1 or 2 to more as many Parts as you like. You may want to do that in order to have drum sounds layered or routed through different FX, MFX or Tone setting (resonance, attack...) and etc. What you cannot do is to use more than two Drum Kits in the Performance.