By pressing the 'Tones' button, you can display 16 tones with all the parameters.

You can also select any of the 16 Tones for editing by clicking on corresponding button-number from the toolbar.

Tones assigned to DRUM KIT are marked brown.

You can also display 16 RS tones by using the computer keyboard keys: numeric keys 1 through 0 and Shift (1-6). To adjust LFO, ENVELOPE and FILTER parameters use sliders. If you adjust Tones using physical knobs on the RS keyboard, the RSEDIT will sense the changes and apply them to Tones settings. If you turn the knobs you should be able to see corresponding sliders moving providing that you editing the same Tone number as current Part on your keyboard.

In the top right corner of TONE window is Tone’s ‘MultiEffect’ setting (here STEREO EQ). This Multieffect is used only if RS-5/9 keyboard is set to play TONES. Otherwise, in Performance Mode the Tone uses Performance’s ‘MultiEffect’ setting. The yellow LED button (MFX channel switch) switches Tone’s routing to Performance MFX ON/OFF.

You can rename Tone by double clicking on the name panel.