RSEDIT lets you use advanced copy and paste function throughout the program.

You can copy paste various RS parameters:

Copy/Paste functions are located under window’s ‘Edit’ menus or on right mouse button popup menus.

Whenever you select ‘Copy’, the copied item will not replace the previous item that you have copied. Instead, the new item will be added to copy items list. When you select ‘Paste’, the Paste dialog window will appear. In Paste Dialog you can display the list of items you had previously copied select which one to paste.

This way you can copy as many items as you like and this great feature can also serve you as a tool to undo changes and compare sounds.

Note: You can paste certain settings only into the relevant areas. For example you cannot paste Arpeggio to the Tone. In such cases not reverent items will be grayed out or disabled in Paste Dialog.