To display MULTIEFFECT edit window click on Performance, Tone on Drum Kit MFX setting panel.

Here you can change RS MultiEffects for Performance, Tone or Drum Kit. Please notice that if you select Multieffect from Tone or Drum Kit and your keyboard is set to play in Performance mode then you may not hear the changes you make. To view and change Performance MFX instead, click on ‘PERFORMANCE MFX’ button on the menu to switch to Performance MFX editing. The type of MFX that is displayed at the time is marked in bright blue (TONE - on the picture above).

You can copy and paste MFX between Tones, Performances or Drum Kits using Copy/Paste commands from ‘Edit’ menu.

On the right side of MFX window there is "MFX librarian" where you can list MFX from different Performance or Tone banks or files.

If you have Performance or Tone Bank data saved in files, you can load all MFX settings from them. To load from files select ‘Load MFX Set’ from "File’ menu.

When the file dialog displays, you can select ‘Files of Type’ to choose the type of file from which you want to load MFX settings to MultiFX set.

To apply MFX from MultiFX Sets, click on corresponding button and MFX setting will be instantly applied to your edit and send to RS-5/9 for audition.

You can organize your MultiSets and save it as a RS-MultiFX file. (File EXT *.mfx)

Note: Copy and Paste of MFX can be only performed in RS-MultiFX file so if you load MFXs from Tone or Performance banks you have to save MultiFX Set as library file first.