Some of the Arpeggio settings can be changed straight from the arpeggio panel on PERFORMANCE window by clicking on value labels and using pop-up slider of menus.

RSEDIT has also a special ARPEGGIO window where you can have many more options to design you arpeggio styles. To display Arpeggio Edit window click on "Arpeggio" while label.

In arpeggio window you can browse through all styles, motifs and beat patterns and change all other settings. Use Copy/paste functions to transfer whole arpeggio from one performance to the other.

There is also ARPEGGIO SET librarian that allows you to browse through Arpeggios from all USER or PRESET bank Performances.

To load Arpeggios from Performance banks click on File menu and select "Load Arpeggio From" option.

Arpeggios from selected bank will be loaded and display on the ARPEGGIO SETS list.

You can select and apply arpeggios for Arpeggio sets by clicking on the button beside the performance name. The selected Arpeggio will be displayed and automatically send to RS-5/9 so you can audit it using your keyboard.

Arpeggio sets can be saved using ‘Save Arpeggio Set’ from the ‘File’ menu. Arpeggio Sets library files are saved with extension *.arp

You can organize sets using copy and paste functions from right button of the mouse pop-up menu.

Note: Copy and Paste of ARPEGGIO settings can be only performed in Arpeggio library file so if you load arpeggios from Performance banks you have to save as Arpeggio library file first.