To open the Performance or Tones Librarians click on the ‘LIBRARIAN’ button in corresponding windows:


RSEDIT’s librarians present a very flexible way to manage your RS sounds loaded from files. You can load as many files as you like and each time you open librarian those files will be instantly at your disposal. With one click of the mouse you can access any tone that will be automatically applied to the part, instantly send to your RS-5/9 keyboard so you can audit it or manipulate it using editor.


To load File to Librarian select ‘Load Library File’ from ‘File’ menu. Basically you can load any file that contains valid RS Tone data. For the convenience, you can select ‘Files of type’ in window’s file dialog to filter out file types.

Tone Library Files - files created by librarian

RS Tone Bank - files saved by RSEDIT Save function.

Raw Sysex files - files created by other applications like sequencers, etc.

After the file is loaded the contents of the file is displayed in librarian (1) and a File Name is listed on the top (2). The full path of the loaded file is displayed on a status bar (3).

You can browse through the Tones by clicking the button. When this button is clicked the corresponding Tone is automatically sent to the RS-5/9 and you can play the keyboard or use computer keys to play notes to audit the sound. The selected Tone is also displayed on the editor’s Tone Edit window. The Tone is sent to RS temporary buffer, it is not being written to user bank. If you want to save it on RS-5/9 you have to use WRITE function.

To rename Tones double click on the tone names

Use copy, cut, paste delete to reorganize the file. Drag the mouse to select multiple tones to copy, cut, paste and delete.


Performance Librarian works in a similar way as Tone Librarian.

To access Performance Librarian use ‘LIBRARIAN’ button while RSEDIT displays Performance Mode

Performance Librarian supported files:

Performance Library Files - files created by librarian

RS Performance Bank - files saved by RSEDIT Save Bank function.

Raw Sysex files - files created by other applications like sequencers etc.

When you click the button in Performance Librarian you can select what kind of data you want to send to RS-5/9 and the editor. You can select either Performance data, Performance with parts or just one Part.