Please note: This feature is not available in RSEDIT DEMO mode.

RSEDIT can generate sysex commands that you can paste into your tracks in a sequencer. This feature is really great because it allows you to automate all different RS settings without a headache of figuring out commands, calculating check sums and etc. This way you can switch Performances in sequencer, turn off/on arpeggios, change multieffects on fly and do many other things. Without RSEDIT  this would not be possible and it is all very simple. You can get virtually any  RS Sysex command this way.

There are two ways to get commands 1) using Last Sysex Command display 2) displaying Sysex Command Log window.

Last Sysex Command displays last command that was sent by RSEDIT to RS. To display this command use computer keyboard's "INSERT" key.

Sysex Command Log window is displayed by pressing computer keyboard's "SHIFT+ INSERT" key.

Below are few examples how to use this feature.

Let say you want to switch RS performance on beginning of the track.

1) Select Performance for which you want to have "switch" command.

2) Press "INSERT" key on your computer keyboard.

3) Highlight the text displayed and click right button of your mouse to select "Copy"

4) In Cubase edit part using List Editor

5) From Insert panel select "Sys Ex"

6) Using "Pen" tool insert event.

7) Double click on "F7"

8) Using right mouse button popup menu paste the copied text.