Filter Control Screen Shot:

filter1-2.gif (8264 bytes)

- Floating filter controls can be located anywhere on the desktop for quick
  access, even above your sequencer (cakewalk, cubase, logic..etc).

- Large friendly sliders are easy to position.

- Quantised positions and different shaped sliders for modulation parameters
  make it even more intuitive.

- Most controls have "fly-over" help

- Right clicking on each slider instantly set's it to a useful default value. In the
  filter section Freq. goes to 127, Res >0, Env Mod>0, Kbrd Mod>0% ...etc.

- Units are correctly displayed. Note the "SQR" in the Wavetable Special
  Parameter slider and the Filter by Keyboard Mod's % units.

- Quick intuitive links to other related controls are logically located.  The "Env"
  button above is an example of this. It quickly launches the Filter Envelope editor window.

- "Restore" button returns you to the initial settings just in case you get  into trouble.

- F1 help for each window with uWavEditor information as well as specific
  Microwave II/XT/PC tips and information.

In the above example the last slider in the Filter section is the so-called
"Filter 1 Special Parameter". It is active only when the chosen filter type
uses it (Just like on the Microwave!) . It this case it is a 12dB Lowpass to
Wave Shaper filter type. The Special Parameter clearly indicates it controls
the wave and the chosen wave is the square waveform.

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