I've messed with the MW editor a little bit, and plan to do more
later today. So far it seems to work! The only glitch I've
encountered so far is that if you ask it to load all of the sound
patches from the MW at once, apparently something is gagging on the
massive influx of data. The transfer starts, but then the program
just sits there for a long time. Finally it puts up a little window
that says:

Runtime error '6'

My guess is that the driver for the Roland SC-88 that I use as my
cross-platform MIDI interface can't cope with large data dumps, but
that's just a guess. Or maybe the editor doesn't run fast enough
under the emulator to swallow up the incoming data? Hard to guess. I
suppose you could get around this by adding a "slow" mode that
transferred the patches one at a time. I haven't checked yet
whether this happens with other dumps, e.g. multi patches, but I will.

In any case, it seems like a nice editor, and I will indeed be using
it for more than just this test.




Follow Up:

The editor continues to behave well while running under the
SoftWindows 98 PC emulator. I was afraid that the problem with large
data dumps that I mentioned previously would cause trouble with the
wave and wavetable editors, but they seem to work fine--no problem
transferring data either direction
. Screen updates are a little slow,
but that's the fault of the emulator, not you.


Mac Owners note:

SoundTower will be do it's utmost to resolve these minor problems including Adam's suggestions.


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